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Graduation Information

Graduation Materials Ordering Information

  • Go to the Josten’s Website. This is a site set up specifically for ordering KPHS graduation materials.
  • You can start ordering now.
  • Graduates are only required to order the basic cap & gown package. The minimum cost is $38. (Click Here for basic package) Other items are optional.
  • Deadline to order: February 3, 2023.
  • Orders ship sometime during 4th quarter.
  • Even if students graduate early, there is only one graduation ceremony.
  • When items have been received at the school, you will receive a message that you can pick up materials if you have been cleared for graduation. 
  • Only students who are cleared for graduation will be able to pick up their graduation materials prior to graduation.
  • Link to presentation given to seniors during their advisory class on October 7, 2022.

Grades to Zero and Cleared for Graduation

Teachers will publish all assignments for the remainder of the quarter by Midterm (Dates TBD).
All assignments that have not been turned in will have zeros entered at that time. This will give students a worst-case scenario. This will be the lowest possible grade a student could receive. As they complete assignments, their grade will go up.

As soon as a student’s grade reaches a passing score of 60%, they will be cleared for graduation for that course. This will not necessarily be their final grade. As they continue to work on assignments through the end of the term, their final grade will improve.

Only those students who have been cleared for graduation will be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Caps and Gowns

Students ordered Caps and Gowns directly from Jostens earlier in the year. Those will be shipped to our office. We should receive these sometime in the middle of May. Students will be able to pick up their Caps and Gowns at our main campus (15410 S Harmon Day Drive, Bluffdale, UT 84065) only after they have been cleared for graduation in all courses.

When students have been cleared for graduation, the counselors will email a form that can be taken to the office. This form will be checked by the front office staff.

Commencement Theme

This year, the theme for graduation is "There is no top. There are always further heights to reach" (Heifetz, Jascha).


Our speakers will be the Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Valedictorian and Salutatorian 

The graduation committee composed of School Principal, Counselors, Department Heads, and Registrar will select the Valedictorian and Salutatorian based on cumulative GPA, difficulty of courses taken, and test scores.

Commencement Ceremony Practice

(Date tbd), (time tbd) PM in the Hidden Valley MS auditorium.

  1. Graduates will get their name card from the table located at the entrance. 
  2. Graduates will review and practice dress code expectations, processional, seating, reading of names, recessional, and receiving diplomas.

Commencement Ceremony Dress

Jordan District Policy AA442 - “In order to maintain dignity and decorum at high school commencements, students participating in commencement exercises are subject to the dress and grooming standards articulated in Policy AA419 Student Conduct and Dress, and must wear the prescribed cap and gown during the entire duration of the commencement program, from the opening processional to completion of the recessional, without additional ornamentation or decoration. Personal items such as clothing, accessories or jewelry, that draw undue attention or detract from the dignity and decorum of the occasion, shall not be allowed.  Mantles, cords, insignias or medals signifying achievement, honor or recognition are restricted to awards issued and approved for display at graduation by the local high school.”

Mantles, Cords, Insignias, or Medals Approved For Display

  • National Honor Society 
  • Valedictorian Medal
  • Salutatorian Medal
  • Top 10% Cord
  • JATC Cords

The Jordan School District Board of Education has made an exception to Dress Code Policy AA419 (Student Conduct, Dress, and Appearance) regarding graduation attire for the 2022 school year. Graduating seniors will be allowed to wear recognized items of religious or cultural significance.

Students will still be expected to wear the issued cap and gown, but individual expressions of culture may be worn. Graduates are expected to present themselves in a dignified manner.

Commencement Processional Line Up

June 1, (time tbd) PM Line up for the processional (Hidden Valley MS South East entrance)

  • Students will be checked for appropriate dress for the ceremony.
  • Graduates should be in their best dress, tassel, cap and gown (ironed).
  • Best Dress -  Dress Shirts, Ties, Dockers/Slacks, Dresses or Dress pants (No flip flops or shorts) A well-dressed graduation class will make a more classy and memorable experience for everyone.
  • Purses, backpacks, bags, phones or other items to carry should be left at home (except as needed for medical reasons).
  • Personal items that draw undue attention such as ostentatious clothing, jewelry, cap decorations, corsages, flower leis, candy leis, unauthorized sashes, medals and cords WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

Commencement Ceremony

June 1, 2022, (time tbd) PM, Hidden Valley MS Auditorium 


  • Bell Photography will be taking pictures of the Handshake and diploma cover hand-off on the stage. This is only a cover though, and students will still need to get their diplomas.
  • The recessional will take students to the southeast entrance end of the building where they will pick up their diplomas. Once they have received their diplomas, they will exit the building where additional pictures may be taken by family and friends.