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Our Team

Photo of Lucy Bateman Lucy Bateman Administrative Assistant 801.567.8022
Photo of Mindy Eden Mindy Eden Math Teacher 801.567.8027
Photo of Scott Gunther Scott Gunther Language Arts Teacher 801.567.8029
Photo of Sharman Holloway Sharman Holloway Math Teacher 801.567.8030
Photo of Larissa Kou Larissa Kou Art Teacher 801.567.8031
Photo of Beth Lewis Beth Lewis Online Learning Teacher Specialist
Photo of Nicole Lewis Nicole Lewis Teacher 801.567.8045
Photo of Kelli Malmberg Kelli Malmberg Social Studies Teacher 801.567.8032
Photo of Cinthia McCoy Cinthia McCoy Math Teacher 801.567.8035
Photo of Rebecca McPartland Rebecca McPartland
Photo of Jessica Munn Jessica Munn English Teacher 801.567.8036
Photo of Jake Nord Jake Nord Counselor (L-Z) 801.567.8025
Photo of Steven Park Steven Park Social Studies Teacher 801.567.8037
Photo of Teresa Rex Teresa Rex CTE Teacher 801.567.8038
Photo of Lauren Skipps Lauren Skipps Health Teacher 801.567.8039
Photo of Avy Smith Avy Smith Science Teacher 801.567.8040
Photo of Stephanie Southworth Stephanie Southworth Registrar 801.567.8023
Photo of Jordan Vance Jordan Vance Language Arts, Social Studies, and Video Production Teacher 801.567.8020
Photo of Derick Varn Derick Varn Language Arts Teacher 801.567.8041
Photo of Angela Western Angela Western PE Teacher 801.567.8042
Photo of Ammon Wiemers Ammon Wiemers Principal 801.567.8020