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Kings Peak High School Summer Term

This summer, students enrolled in Jordan School District will have the opportunity to select from a limited number of courses to enroll in. These courses will be offered for original credit and students earn a letter grade in the course. Students should anticipate working at a much more accellerated pace than during the school year, as coursework is not abbreviated for the shorter term. Students will complete a full semester worth of work in a shorter term. All courses are semester (.5) credit except for Driver Education which is a quarter (.25) credit.

1. Student Fills out Form

  • Only students currently enrolled in Jordan School District will be able to enroll in summer courses at Kings Peak High School.
  • Students fill out the 2024 Summer Term Registration Request Form (en Español) and turn it in to their school counselor.
  • Parents will need to sign the form.
  • This form is retained by the school counselor.
  • Because counselors are not always in the office during the summer, students should return the completed form to their counselor before school lets out for the year.

2. Counselor Submits Request to the Online Form

  • After receiving the paper form from the student, the school counselor submits a course request to an online form for course registration.
  • The link to this form will be shared separately with counselors, as only counselors will be able to submit requests to this form.
  • The form will close on June 14.
  • No registration requests will be accepted after that date.

3. Students Pay Fee in Skyward

  • The cost of each semester (.5 credit) course is $90
  • Driver Education (coursework only) is $45 because it is a quarter (.25 credit) course.
  • Students who do not pay for their courses by June 28 will be dropped from the course.

4. Student Completes Work in Canvas

  • All coursework is completed in Canvas.
  • Courses open on June 3 and close August 2.
  • All coursework including Final exam must be completed prior to the end of the term on August 2.
  • No work will be accepted after that time.